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Whispers of Drol (week 4)

Week 4 begins with the PCs on the surface of a jungle-planet called Tro-Te. They have come in search of a durog weapons depot from which they need to recover updated star maps. A lone durog guarded the depot and is…
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World Builder Artwork 4-16

World Builder artwork by Stephen Garrett.  For this batch we asked for buildings with a Babylonian theme to them. As always he’s done an amazing job. – Never miss an update, join our mailing list today!
The Necromancer War

The Necromancer War: Raven (part 1)

The Necromancer War: Rising Storm    Raven This story begins one day after the events of The Necromancer War: Rising Storm: Jon Tideldis (part 1 / part 2) Castle Khazar, Vexstigia (Korinth) 2 years after the gate was opened The body of Jon…
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Whispers of Drol (week 3)

As we head into week 3 the PCs have awoken on a strange vessel that turns out to be a durog alchemy ship. They have no memory of how they came to be on the ship and in fact each…
World Builder

World Builder Update 4/7

It’s been a few weeks since I gave you a World Builder update but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down. Quite the opposite in fact. In the last 30 days our focus has been on getting ready to unveil the…
The Necromancer War

The Necromancer War: Jon Tideldis (part 2)

The Necromancer War: Rising Storm    Jon Tideldis (Read Part 1 here) Jon cried nearly the entire way back to Othelis’ cottage. He didn’t know how to handle all the things he had seen in the last twenty-four hours. Othelis stopped only long…
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N.E.W. Playtest

Two weeks ago Tuesday we kicked off our N.E.W. campaign set in Space. The first week we only played through one encounter and spent the rest of the time making characters. Let me get everyone caught up. It will be…
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Barbarian Artwork for The City of Brass

Barbarians. By Martin Paz.   Dan and I believe that excellent artwork makes a big difference in a finished product so we’re diligently working to get a diverse set of images that will be available as stock art for The City…


The Singular Earth Alliance is all that stood between humanity and extinction during the Durog Invasion. Founded in the mid-twentieth century as a joint venture between the United States and the Soviet Union, officers of S.E.A. quickly realized that to properly…